Automated System

Easy Home or Home automation plays a very important role in the modern era because of its flexibility in using it at different places with high precision which will save money and time by decreasing human hard work. Prime focus of this technology is to control household equipment like light, fan, door, AC etc. automatically. This research paper has detailed information on Home Automation and Security System using Arduino, GSM and how we can control home appliances using Android application. Whenever a person will enter into the house then the count of the number of persons entering in the house will be incremented, in Home Automation mode applicances will be turned on whereas in security light will be turned on along with the alarm. A security system is defined as detecting intrusion, or unauthorized entry into a building or a protected area and deny such unauthorized access to protect personnel and property from damage or harm. Security systems are mainly used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. Car alarms likewise protect vehicles and their contents. Prisons also use security systems for the control of inmates. Home security in residential is most prominent. Nowadays, home security and surveillance system is an essential part of any modern automated home. The basic design of a security system begins with analyzing the needs of the inhabitants, surveying existing technology and hardware, reviewing system costs, considering monitoring choices and finally planning the installation

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