Residential Security

All over the world, security has been a major concern in every home. Automated security systems are a useful addition to today some where safety is an important issue. Vision-based security systems have the advantage of being easy to set up, inexpensive and non-obtrusive. Here, a security system has been developed that uses sensors to detect any security violation and sends out the alert signal by high-intensity Buzzer. In this paper it has been ensured three-level security systems. NFC tag use, providing Password and PIR motion sensor. Toopen the door a person should provide NFC tag and password. If one of them absence the door will not open. The door will opened by with a lock coupled in its shaft. When wrong password is pressed, error text is displayed in the LCD. When an authorized person leaves the door, he has to show his tag in the reader. Otherwise the door will not close. Now if an unwanted man enters the room by password breaking or without NFC the PIR sensor works. It sounds the buzzer. NFC card reader, PIC 16F877A, Arduino Uno, PIR sensor is used for this project .So, maximum security will be maintained in home. This security can be applied not only home but also the place where important documents, file are preserved also the bank vault

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